We love what you love - excellent quality and timeless good design from eras past.

Closetgothic specialises in Victorian and Edwardian jewelery, lockets, sterling silver bracelets, fob chains & fobs, vintage and antique necklaces and a variety of exquisite objets de virtu.

We began collecting vintage in the late 1960s; still enticed by a beautiful antique piece, we continue the hunt for precious and unusual finds.

A small family run business which began in 2009, Closetgothic is based in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. We are very near Tauranga Harbour, arguably one of the World's loveliest, sparkling in sunshine and much appreciated by locals and tourists alike.

Closetgothic uses Earth-Friendly Packaging - no more plastic! We are now using beautiful Geami paper packing material and our shipping bags are compostable. Clever, useful, simple packaging is our aim.

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